• Enrollment and prices

    You can enroll your child to Wendy House playschool and preschool by filling out the form below.

    For preschool and additional daycare you have to enroll also from Turku city website.

    Enrollment for preschool education 2016-2017 starts in January 2016 .
    Please click here to download the form

    Enquiries by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +358 (0)45 113 0803.



    The playschool fee for families is 160 €/month. The price for a playschool place is 265 €/month. A playschool service voucher worth 105 € is granted to all Turku-residents and deducted from the total price. Wendy applies for the playschool service vouchers on behalf of the families. 

    For non-Turku residents the playschool fee is 325 €/month and these families can apply for support from their own municipality.

    Period of notice is one month.



    Preschool education is free of charge.

    The price for additional daycare in Wendy House is 470 €/month, of which families pay 30 € – 214 €/month, depending on family size and family income.

    Additional daycare supplementing pre-school education, if needed, is liable to charge and depends on family income. A service voucher is subsidy to families, when they pay for child daycare services to private service producers like Wendy House. The family's income determines the value of a service voucher. The family themselves must cover the difference between the value of the voucher and the actual price set by Wendy House. Families apply for the daycare service voucher from the Turku city website, link above.

    Period of notice is one month.


    School group

    175 €/term.